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Minor League Monday: AAA Scrimmages

On March 2nd. MLB informed teams that the 2021 AAA season would be delayed by a month. Instead of the season starting April 6th, it was to begin in May. The reason, nay, the excuse? The Pandemic. Many AAA stadiums were used as alternate sites in 2020, and it seems that MLB wanted to have more of the same to help the MLB season start smoothly. Also, less travel. Also, more chance to get vaccinated. But the reality is, MLB cares most about MLB. I get it, but I'm still going to grumble about it.

Now comes the laughable part: scrimmages. Some of the Taxi squads (which consist of AAA players) are playing games against each other. And stadiums can have fans attend these scrimmage games.

Look, I'm all for the MILB teams making a buck however possible. They had the rug pulled out from under them in 2020, and have to be hurting after a year of no gameday revenue. I'm also for being cautious and safe in a pandemic. But why exactly couldn't the AAA season start on time? What's the difference between having the AAA season officially start, or delaying it just to put in scrimmages that fans can attend? Calling "pandemic" an answer isn't really an answer at all.

I really dislike the non-specifics that MLB passes down when making these decisions and judgements. I don't need a novel full of the decision making process to get the answer. But give us something. Dare you be a little specific and say "now that we (MLB) have more control over MILB stadiums, we are going to use it to our advantage and make sure the major league baseball season has a built in plan B to provide extra players in the event of outbreaks." Most fans aren't stupid. Why the secrecy?

Sorry for the rant, just another reason of why I can't stand Manfred.


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