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Manager David Ejection Prediction Post

We still have great fondness for Joe Maddon here at Cubs DNA, but we admit we miss the days when he got run a little more often. To wit, in Maddon's first season as Cubs manager in 2015, he got the hook 5 times, which was tied for most skipper ejections that season with four other managers. After that, Joe seemed to mellow out a bit, cutting his ejections to 3 per season in all of his remaining years with the team except for 2017--that year he only managed to get himself booted twice!

Manager ejections are trending upward, with a few of the game's younger skippers seeming even crankier than their older counterparts. In 2019, the Reds' David Bell got himself an early exit a full 8 times (!!!!) during the course of the season, leading all managers for the year, while the Yankees' Aaron Boone got run 5 times, including this now classic exchange:

So, as we officially head into Spring Training, Cubs DNA staff wanted to take a moment to give their take on David Ross, including our picks for how many times the new Cubs skipper will get the hook in 2020.

Staci: Rossy has talked a lot about being tough on the guys, but I also think this is going to translate to him fighting for them on the field. I'm not sure he'll quite get to David Bell territory, but I think he'll get run quite a bit more often than Maddon. I'll put my ejection prediction at 6.

Matt: Not surprised that Pronk, Pronk'd the answer here:) I think Ross will have a different edge but not get rung up a lot. I imagine something like a leader needs to lead, and he can't lead if he's in the clubhouse. So, there won't be a ton but when they do happen they'll be BIG! I say 3 times.

Tina: I'll go with 7. However, I'd like to take bets on when Rossy & Lester will first butt heads!

Pronk: 3 times. I'm not sure why everyone thinks Rossy is that angry of a person.

Brooke: I say only once, and it'll be well-timed. Like right before the trade deadline to really rally the troops and #SaveSparkles!

Steven: Ross has a lot of passion but I think he is going to be at the lower end of getting tossed this season. I think he has a lot to prove and wants to stay in the game as much as possible to make those late game decisions. I think we only see Ross get tossed twice this year.


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