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Love Letters From Pronk: Scott Kobos

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

Love Letters From Pronk is an ongoing series where Pronk shares his love for somebody connected to the Cubs. Sometimes funny, sometimes weird, Pronk likes to make 100% sure people know that they are loved, and best expresses that through gushing letters. Today's pick: Scott Kobos

Scott Kobos was minor league free agency pickup by the Cubs last year. At the time, there wasn't much to the move. He was a left handed pitcher who had a 6.23 ERA in 23 games. During the cancelled 2020 MiLB season, he worked with Luke Hagerty's X2 system. It has paid off so far.

In class A ball this year, he's pitched in 12 games, and thrown 17.2 innings. He's struck out 30 hitters while walking 7. That's 15.3 K/9 and at 30/69, he's striking out 43% of hitters he faces. Cubs insider had this great writeup on some of his pitches. Because of his great success so far, I'd like to share a bit of love to encourae him along his journey.


Dear Scott,

I want to welcome you to professional baseball, but you've already welcomed yourself. With a sharp performance in A ball, you are starting to turn heads already. I suppose that a "congratulations on a strong debut" are more appropriate. It has been a fantastic debut. That strikeout rate has a lot of prospect enthusiasts drooling.

I encourage you to stay strong and keep growing. At some point you'll get promoted to the upper leagues, and hitters will be better. There will be adjustments to be made. Seeing as how you've already adjusted from hitter to pitcher, I think you've got what it takes to make it to the show. As we've seen from Keegan Thompson, Tommy Nance and others, the Cubs know how to develop relievers. I think you'll have a good system around you to help you succeed. I'm rooting for you. I think you've got something special. I think that someday soon enough, you'll be shutting down rallies during a pennant race. Striking out Nolan Arenado with runners on while 40,000 Cub fans are screaming. It's going to be a great day. See you soon!




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