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Let's play CubsDNA Bingo!

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

**UPDATE 4** Thanks to the generous egg laid by Kershaw, we have a BINGO!!!!!!! If we're being honest, the top right square could have been marked from the moment we posted this. Stay tuned for LCS BINGO!

**UPDATE 3**

Okay, we've had a conference and decided to mark Gleyber outslugs Judge. The playoffs aren't over but Gleyber easily outslugged Judge in the ALDS. While Kiermaier might have stolen the souls of the Astros last night, he still hasn't stolen a homerun.

**UPDATE 2**

Verlander only got 8k, so we can't cross of that square yet but we got 'Roboumps, Sanchez Passed Ball, and Flaherty on Pitching Ninja.'

We're getting closer!

**UPDATE 2**

**UPDATE 1**

One game into the LDS' and we're already close to TWO BINGOS! What's your pick? Top Row Across? Middle Row Down? Let's hear your thoughts below!

**UPDATE 1**

It's been a while since I've made a bingo card (life, ya know?), but the postseason is upon us and we need some added fun to watch the playoffs since our beloved Cubs are not playing.

Join along and let's see if we can get a bingo!


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