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Iowa Cubs at Principal Park 8/7/21

Saturday 8/7/21 was the second game for me attending at Principal Park. It was a warm summer night, but the rain held off and we got a nice breeze to keep things comfortable.

For this game, I grabbed a front row seat down the left field line. Basically the Bartman seat. It was a nice place for the action. No foul balls our way this round, but it was a fine place to take in a game.

The I-Cubs got drubbed again, losing 13 to 1. After a brutal first inning barrage of homers by the Indians, it was a lost game from the getgo. The Cubs got no-hit until the 5th, threw a position player to pitch the 9th, and broke up the shutout in the 9th inning. Not a fun game for Cubs baseball. Fortunately, there was more going on than just the on field game.


For food this evening, I opted to try some of the standard ballpark faire.

Street Tacos:

I got the carnitas street tacos. No onions because I am picky. Normally I prefer my tacos American style with cheese and sour cream. These were much more authentic than that, with meat, salsa and cilantro. They were solid. On par from what you'd get from a typical taco truck. They were juicy and tasty. Good stuff. 8/10.

Chicago Style Hot Dog:

There's a Chicago food stand behind home plate. It was time for a Chicago dog. This one didn't hold up to normal Chicago dogs, unfortunately. There was much more onions than usual, a high amount of celery salt, and a lack of mustard. I threw mustard onto it to make sure it was authentic. The other details... Well let's just say it was close but no cigar. As a Chicago style hot dog aficionado, I was disappointed, but it wasn't a bad food dish overall. 5/10.

Vodka Lemonade:

The signature cocktail of Principal Park is a large lemonade, infused with Vodka. There's regular lemonade, cherry and blue raspberry. I opted for the Cherry infused vodka lemonade. Normally I'm not a big fan of vodka drinks, because they have too much alcoholic aftertaste. This one didn't. I could sense the booze, but it was fruity enough to mask it. Not too sweet, but plenty of flavor. A nice way to cool off on a hot summer night. 8/10

I also picked up a souvenir cup of sprite. The team cleverly reused cups from 2020. Perhaps this will fetch a price on ebay someday!

Besides the food and the seats, there wasn't too much different about the game experience from Friday to Saturday. Unfortunately the Iowa Cubs were blown out again, but that wasn't the end of the fun. The seats were nice, the food was good, and the experience was great. Again, I totally recommend a visit to principal park with the Iowa Cubs.


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