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Holiday Lights

Living in the Houston area affords some pretty decent perks. There is plenty of Tex-Mex food, lots of kolache places, several local breweries, and we have a pretty fun baseball team with a cool ballpark. No, I don't mean that team who appeared to be auditioning for the broadway show, Stomp.

No, I'm talking about the Sugar Land Skeeters! They've had many former major leaguers spend time there and have always had several former Cubs players/farmhands on the roster. Just last year they had Dallas Beeler, (Cutie) Ryan Court, and Anthony Giansanti on the squad. Oh, and they're good! They've been in the Championship 3 out of the last 4 years, winning twice. Additionally, they have a pretty great ballpark and they take advantage of it all year long.

For the Christmas season, they have decorated the bejesus out of the ballpark. My wife asked if we wanted to go see the lights with some family last weekend. I thought it would be decent, so why not? I was not prepared for what they did to the park. It. Is. AWESOME!

As I said above, I was not ready for just how decorated the stadium was. There were lights EVERYWHERE. You got to walk down onto the field, up through the concourse and they even had light shows that were in sync with the music being played.

(Click the pictures on the left for a bigger view)

The team store was open as was limited concessions. You could buy wine, draft beer, and even hot chocolate. It was pretty nice to be able to walk around the park drinking a tasty beverage. The hot chocholate was extremely popular with the kiddo.

All in all, it was a fantastic experience and our VIP tickets including 4 free tickets to see the Skeeters play this summer. I highly recommend the Holiday Lights at the Sugar Land Skeeters. If you're in the area it's a must-see. If you're not in the area you should check out your local minor league team to see if they are doing anything similar. In a time when MLB is considering shutting down 42 MiLB teams, showing your local team some love could go a long way. Thanks Skeeters, see you this summer!


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