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Forbidden Love Playoff Update: Freddie Freeman

So. Many. Teeth. (Pic: AP)

Forbidden Love is a Cubs DNA series where our staff waxes poetic about a player on a team other than the Cubs. Maybe even one you think they should hate. In this installment, Staci give some love to all around nice guy, Atlanta Braves First Baseman Freddie Freeman.

UPDATE: During the shutdown, Freddie Freeman had a horrible battle with COVID-19. So bad, in fact, that at one point he actually thought he might die. The 'Rona almost took Freddie F-ing Freeman from us, y'all! Thankfully he fully recovered in time for the 2020 season, and it's a good thing because he's probably gonna win the National League MVP. Wait, did you miss that part? Yeah, that MVFree stuff you've seen trending on the Twits is because Freeman led the NL in fWAR at 3.4, with a slash line of .341/.462/.640 and an insane 187 wRC+. OH, and he's still being adorable with his son.

Freddie Freeman is a Cub Killer. He's Ryan Braun and Neil Walker and Ben Gamel and Francisco Cervelli all rolled up into one toothy, tomahawk-wearing package.

Except, did you know that Freddie Freeman hasn't historically been that great against the Cubs? That's right--Freeman is carrying a .239/.347/.403 slash line in his career against our boys, which does not a Cub Killer make. So while it might feel like he kills the Cubs, you probably owe him an apology right now for all those times you yelled, "FREDDIE F-ING FREEMAN!!!" Perhaps it's just because he's so good that he wrankles us so much, because we all know that Anthony Rizzo is the Greatest First Baseman of All Time. There's just no room for anyone else.

That said, Freddie Freeman just seems like a genuinely nice person. Remember when he was mic'd up during the All Star Game last season against Justin Verlander and was just like, "Yeah, this guy's gonna strike me out?"

Or on Halloween when he came across a little Freddie Freeman and was just like, "Hey, that's my jersey! Wanna take a picture?"

And during the stay-at-home, he's been adorably training with his son, which is, well... just see for yourself!

When he's not playing, Freeman partners with the Melanoma Research Foundation to help education people on the importance of taking steps to reducing the risk of contracting the disease. Freeman's mother died of stage IV melanoma when he was in elementary school, and it's a cause that's near and dear to him.

So maybe the next time Freddie F-ing Freeman hits a dinger off a Cubs pitcher, don't be so quick to yell at him. He's a good dude. Besides, there are much more deserving players for your ire.


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