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Forbidden Love: Marcus Stroman

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

Courtesy of USA Today Sports/Wendell Cruz

Forbidden Love is a Cubs DNA series where our staff waxes poetic about a player on a team other than the Cubs. Maybe even one you think they should hate. In this installment, Staci talks about her love for New York Mets starting pitcher Marcus Stroman.

Swag. Some people have it, some people want it, some people hate it, and some people just have to envy it from afar. But what is "swag," really? To some, it's a synonym for a flashy, outgoing personality. Maybe one that includes things that no one else could get away with. To some, it's the most enviable thing in the world... something they only wish they could attain. To others, it has a more sinister undertone... perhaps even racist... as the word can be used in a negative way, referring to a chain-wearing, attitude-flashing person of color that doesn't play "The Right Way." Me? I like some swag. Javy has swag. Willy has swag. And one of my favorite swaggy players? That's right... Marcus Stroman.

I'm a proud season ticket holder to the Stro Show, my friends. I wish the Cubs had traded for him... he's too good for the Mets. I fear their fans won't appreciate him, because Stro is pretty much 100% Swag.




Did I mention he's also a pretty good pitcher? That's filthy!

Sometimes I also like my players fun-sized. Standing at a diminutive 5'8", Stro is among the most vertically challenged pitchers in the league. Just look at him here with Canadian hoops legend-in-the-making Andrew Wiggins, AKA Maple Jordan, from the Minnesota Timberwolves (Hi Wiggs! Keep doing the thing!)

Courtesy of gopherman23/reddit

OK sure, Wiggins is 6'8", but perhaps this photo of Stro on the mound with some of his former Blue Jays teammates will give you some better context?

I mean, Josh Donaldson is 6'1". Do you think Stro cares, though? Absolutely not. Stro will not be intimidated by anyone, and is honestly just going to do pretty much whatever he wants. It's his thing, really. Let's go to my guy Jomboy for a good example, shall we?

Stro? Does not care. Rules are rules, and he will not be intimidated. Even if you are a Hall of Fame pitching legend, Stro does not suffer hypocrisy and will call you out on it very publicly.

Mind you, Eckersley is one of my favorite pitchers of all time. He also was a pioneer of rubbing a strikeout in his opponent's face. Remember the old point and fist pump? Well, so did Stro, and Eckersley deserved every bit he got for that one.

Um. Yeah.

I also have to talk about one more reason to love Stro: his dad. Earl Stroman is a legend. Why? Forget Ron Harper. Forget Earnest Bell. Earl Stroman is perhaps the most swole, jacked dad in all of baseball.

Mr. Stroman is a Suffolk County Police Department Detective, and lest you think he's not still able to crush you with his bare hands...

I mean. Come for the swag, stay for the swole, amirite??

There are also actual baseball reasons to adore Stroman. Stro put up a 3.22 ERA in 2019 with a 7.8 K/9. His FIP was a tad high at 3.78, but after a rough, injury plagued 2018, I'm a firm believer in what Stroman has to offer, and think the Mets got themselves a steal for 2020. Whatever he does in New York, my season ticket to the Stro Show is still in full effect and I'm fully in for the ride.


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