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Forbidden Love: Andrew McCutchen

Forbidden Love is a Cubs DNA series where our staff waxes poetic about a player on a team other than the Cubs. Maybe even one you think they should hate. In this installment, Tina talks about her love for Andrew McCutchen.

How can you not like Andrew McCutchen (Cutch)? He tells a good story!

He's a great dancer!

He has a smile that lights up a room!

Gif courtesy of the MLB

He's a good teammate!

Gif courtesy of the MLB

He has awesome on-field reactions! (also, who knew Stropy could swing a bat like that?!)

Gif courtesy of the MLB

He does great things for others and still loves Pittsburgh!

And Pittsburgh loves him back! (man, who's cutting onions over here?)

I'll be honest, I was a little sad (maybe a lot sad) when Cutch went to the Yankees in 2018 and he had to cut off his dreads and we didn't get to see his dance moves. Then when he became a free agent at the end of 2018, I was hoping that the Cubs would sign the 2013 MVP and 5-time All Star, even if he was on the decline. I thought he was still a solid bat and average defender who could contribute to a competing Cubs ball club. (SSS, but his numbers in Philly this year started to get back to his career norms (.286/.378/.480/.858) before he had a season ending injury only 59 games into the season.) Solid ball player, even better human being. What's not to love?


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