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Don't Get Your Hopes Up, Part 53,297.

We'll forgive you if you didn't read parts 1 thru 53,296. There have been a lot of updates about an agreement getting close only to have the proverbial football pulled away at the last second.

Seriously, NOT COOL. (Courtesy: Peanuts)

However, maybe, finally, actually there might be baseball getting ready to start back up. Possibly. We know that the teams voted and did not approve the last deal from MLB, but the league has asked if the players can report to camp by July 1st with the expectation of a 60 game season. Pending approval of the health and safety protocols, we may start seeing our beloved Cubs in just about a week!?! But as the title says, don't get your hopes up because even IF the season begins it will not be the same. Let's look around the sports landscape to see what we should probably expect.

WNBA: Several high profile players like Jonquel Jones, Latoya Sanders, and Natasha Cloud have decided not to participate. Jones is an MVP-level player and Cloud/Sanders are key players on the current championship team.

NBA: On paper, the NBA the best-sounding plan I've heard so far. A complete lock down of teams and players in a Disney World Bubble. Players could still spend time with their families, while trying to complete the season they already started. Sounds pretty good, except Florida's Covid cases are trending upwards and players like Trevor Ariza and Davis Bertans have announced they will forgo their salaries and not participate.

NHL: At least two teams have had players test positive, prompting the teams to shut down activities. A hub city plan is the most likely scenario but it seems like most players don't expect a season to happen.

So we have cases rising in the areas where teams were originally going to play AND high profile players that are opting out. This calls for one of our favorite reaction gifs:

Babe Kapler, the gift that keeps on giving. (Like the Jelly of the Month Club)

This is at the heart of why I say, don't get your hopes up because these things WILL happen to MLB. Earlier this week, 5 Phillies players and 3 staff members tested positive for the virus, so you can check that off your Covid Bingo card. Next will be players opting out of the shortened season. It WILL happen and it's going to be ugly because fans can be heartless idiots. Forget even looking around the league, just look at our beloved Cubs and there is already one player who might decide to opt out to keep himself and his family safe.

Now, don't misconstrue this to mean we have inside sources. We don't. I don't. Just look at that quote, though. Considering all that we know about Kris, does sitting out the baseball season to protect his newborn son seem that outrageous? Kris has always appeared to be be a thoughtful, respectful, and measured human being. When you consider the safety considerations alone, it wouldn't shock me. Add in all the meatball fans who seem to harass him disproportionately AND the service time grievance, it wouldn't surprise me in the least if he sits it out. I just hope that if he does sit, the fans aren't a-holes. LOL. Who am I kidding?

Finally, the biggest reason that you shouldn't get excited? As Danny Rockett explains below, #RobManfredHatesBaseball. *le sigh*


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