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Cubs Game: Memorial Day

I was fortunate enough to attend the Cubs game on Memorial Day Monday 5/31/21. Capacity was at about 60%. I was also fortunate to see another rousing Cubs win!

It was a fun game to watch. The last game I went to was 20% attendance, so to see a much fuller stadium helped give a bit more energy. While I miss having no lines for concessions and bathrooms, it was a welcome change.

I did see a couple of interesting jerseys. One was awesome. One was interesting. The last had no place at Wrigley Field for a Cubs/Padres game.

I love me some Chad Noble. Nice to see someone else appreciates him as well.

I didn't much care for my view at times. Any time the ball was hit to anything besides LF, this would happen:

When Javy hit his bomb into the camera well, I missed it and couldn't see where it landed. I could tell it was a monster blast though.

For this edition of ballpark eats, I got a bratwurst. It came with onions/tomatoes/peppers on the side, almost like a pico de gallo mix. It also came with ketchup for some reason. I have never heard of ketchup on a brat. Overall pretty good. I'm a bit of a snob when it comes to brats, so it can be tough to impress me. This bratwurst didn't impress me, but it was good enough, which is a compliment.

The not so good side of things was the concession lines and process. They are encouraging mobile ordering, which allows you to prepay. They do not make your food in advance. Rather, once you prepay, you wait in a line, scan a QR code and then they make your food. The lines were long. It took me about 20 minutes to wait in a mobile line to get to the front. Once I got there, I realized I apparently was in the wrong line. Since they were both hot dog stands serving brats, I figure not a big deal. Nope. They wouldn't serve me. So I went back to my seat. In the 8th inning, my wife ran downstairs and found no line, and picked it up for me. How nice of her, because I was so frustrated and wasn't going to wait again.

I know it's tough to hire people for that type of job right now, and that COVID has caused complications for food pickup; but this really needs to get figured out before full capacity. It was just not a good system.

On the added bonus side of things, I got to see Andrew Chafin pitch. You could see his mustache from the stands.

With capacity opening to 100% it'll be nice to see some sellouts soon enough!


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