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Who is Cubs DNA?

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

Hi, so you've found our little corner on the web. Welcome! We (assumedly, just like you) are just regular Cubs fans. We aren't professional scouts or have any ties to the team (unless you count the time Tina stole Bryant's underwear) but the Cubs are in our blood and we wanted a new place to talk about the team. Other sites will have stats, daily posts, and the like but we want to focus on the positives of the team. Lord knows there are plenty of places for the negative, so we're going to do something different. The Cubs are in our blood, you might

say it's in our DNA (see what we did there?). Many of us have been fans long before this current Golden Age of Cubs baseball and are just tired of all the doom and gloom. We wanted to create a place that accentuates the positives, not focus on all the negatives. So, do you love the Cubs? Give us a look, just leave the underwear thievery to the experts:)

-Cubs DNA Team


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They have traveled around the world though right Brooke?


I did not steal his underwear!

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