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Cubs DNA Breaks Down Baseball's Stats

Whether you are watching a game, looking up a player's season, or reading your favorite sports blog (Javiously Cubs DNA) you see stats like WAR (fWAR/bWAR what the heck is the difference?), wRC+, wOBA, FIP, and ERA+. Over the rest of the offseason, Cubs DNA will breakdown the sabermetrics behind offense, pitching, defense, and the different WARs in what we are calling Staturdays.

So join us every week as we explore the math side of baseball (I promise we will not make you do math, even if Staci lobbied really hard to make that happen). At the end of the offseason you will be able to look at websites like Fan Graphs, Baseball Reference, and Baseball Savant with ease. Evaluating players and knowing just how much butt the Cubs are kicking will be a breeze. The stat season starts December 14th!


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