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Take Me Out To The Ballgame: Cubs Convention

Take Me Out To The Ballgame is a series of articles by Cubs DNA writers as they visit baseball experiences all over the world. Today, Pronk recaps the Cubs Convention and creates a guide for you for future years.

After the Cubs Convention of 2020, I wanted to outline my experiences for others. The Cubs don't do a great job of communicating the schedule and events, so I'll do it for you, so you've got a measuring stick.

I also made a live video going over the schedule and answered a few questions right after I got back Sunday night. please ignore the silent first few minutes:

So there's numerous tips and tricks and things I learned this past year that I'd like to pass along:

• You have to get in line for the bigger events: opening ceremony, bingo, and the kid's press conference to name a few. If it's popular, everyone's going to be there. You can still sneak it at the last second but you may not get seats and will be standing for hours.

• Bring a backpack with water, granola bars, and stuff to get autographed. You'll save a ton of money on upsales and people looking to take advantage of the unprepared.

• There are food options on nearly every floor. Some of it is ballpark food, and some of it is a bit better. Every meal will run you between $10-$20 per person.

• Autographs can be kind of tough. You either:

A. Win in the check-in lottery

B. Get lucky in an open line for either a voucher or chance to donate and meet someone.

C. Pay through the nose.

Don't go into this thinking you'll get a ton autos from your favorites in person. It's segregated enough to make it impossible.

• Check out the Vendors: I scoped them all out and walked out about $150 poorer, but with autographs from Maddon, Strop, Cahill, Dernier, Hammels, Edwards, Grace, Moreland, Schwarber, and a few others. Lots of reasonable prices if you take a close look. Everyone's in deal mode come Sunday, so barters can happen.

• Keep a baseball on you. I walked around a corner and ran into Tom Ricketts. It can happen. Be prepared.

• Wear comfy shoes: You'll be on your feet a lot.

• Don't feel like you have to stay at the hotel. There are other cheaper options within a 15 minute walk. I saved hundreds for a little extra exercise.

Finally, since the team does a lousy job of communicating the schedule, here's my full booklet:

I'd be happy to answer any other questions you may have. Just find me on Twitter @pronk22.


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