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Cubs Charities Profile--Schwarber's Neighborhood Heroes

It's no secret that we love Kyle Schwarber around these parts, but it's not all due to his exciting ability to hit monster bombs and the fabulous ways he keeps finding to beat the shift.

Get you a man who can hit dingers AND bunt, amirite?

No, we love us some Schwarbs because he does things off the field, too. notably through the establishment of Schwarber's Neighborhood Heroes. Greg Schwarber, Kyle's father, was a police officer for more than 30 years and a decorated police chief in the family's home of Middletown, OH, and now his older sister Lindsey has followed their father's footsteps into Middletown's police force. Schwarber's childhood spent around first responders gave him an acute appreciation of the sacrifice police officers, firefighters and EMTs and their families make to ensure public safety and serve their communities. I can particularly identify with Schwarber because my brother is a law enforcement officer, and I have an acute understanding of the worry that comes with having a family member out there risking their lives daily for their community.

Kyle established Schwarber's Neighborhood Heroes to give back to first responders and their families, raising funds to provide resources, visiting first responders and hosting them at Wrigley Field on a regular basis before games to show his gratitude for their service. The big event, of course, is Schwarber's Block Party, which he holds every year in Chicago, and which is open to the public for a donation per entry ticket.

Schwarber also holds events in the offseason--the SNH Golf Outing happened November 15-16 and was, by all accounts, another huge success for first responders!

Kyle also just went up on CAMEO, a website where you pay celebrities to make a custom video for you. Schwarber will make videos for $100, but then donates the proceeds to neighborhood heroes. :-D

This is just one example of our Cubs boys out doing good things. If you want to donate to Schwarber's Neighborhood Heroes, check out the link at top of this page!


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