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Cubs Body Appreciation: Javier Baez

Remember how excited us girls got when we got the spectacle of Nekkid Jake in 2016? The following season, I think we were all shocked to see another Cub in the ESPN Body Issue - especially the 2016 NLCS co-MVP!

Let's all reflect on the goodness of Ednel.

Those tats, especially his World Series one! Those arms! Those legs! Most of all, THAT BOOTY!

via Giphy

The legs that help El Mago do this!

The strength of his entire body to do that!

Gimme all your infield plays, I'm gonna get the out!

So thank you, ESPN, for showing us the glory that is Nekkid Javy. We thought he was made of magic, but it is apparent he had help in other areas too. Just no more braids, OK, Javy?


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