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Bing Bongs on Twitter: Pete Alonso

Pete Alonso just won rookie of the year. He joined Jacob deGrom as a fellow award winner from the Mets. Good for them! Alonso decides to tweet out his congratulations, and then this mess ensued.

Totally uncalled for @jackdaniel342d, shame on you. Some sports fans are just the worst. He's a Yankee fan judging from other comments, but each fanbase has their turds. If you want to see a terrible comment feed, you can scroll through Jack's replies feed. Spoiler alert, it's full of comments like "no wonder ur wife left you" and " i’ll delete this account when u delete that mustache pedro." Sounds like a total winner.

For the record, Pete Alonso is listed as 6'3" and 244 pounds. He's a big guy, but that's not obese. Now normally I'm not the speech police, but fat shaming is never okay. It just isn't. Don't do it.

Kudos to Alonso for handling it in stride. Purists might cringe that he used RBI count as a barometer for success, but I love seeing a player shut down a nasty heckler without stooping to their level. (I wonder if @jackdaniel342d also works at Target with @burnsjpatrick.)


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