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Bing Bongs on Twitter: Barves Edition

Welcome to the first edition of "Bing Bongs on Twitter," a regular series where we highlight people on Twitter by giving them the attention they so desperately seek. Bing Bong takes can include meatball takes, hot takes, posts that aged poorly, and people dying on bad hills.

(Barves? What's a Bing Bong? Check our Glossary for more info. -Matt)

This morning, I was scrolling through my twitter feed and found Braves legend Chipper Jones telling an average Joe how hard it is to hit MLB pitching. It's not often you see a player berate a fan, so I was intrigued. I found this particular exchange.

Two things to highlight here: #1, so we've got one Barves fan frustrated that Freddy Freeman isn't hitting this series. Freeman's career playoff stats are .269 .333 .423 .759 OPS. The Atlanta Braves were the favorites over the St. Louis Cardinals in this 2019 NLDS series, so to go to game 5 with one of your big boppers slumping is concerning. His career playoff stats are fine though. Not great for a stud, but not terrible. Chipper jumps in to defend Freeman, kind of surprising to see a legend do so.

Here's where it gets interesting. A fan decides to lecture the Chipper Jones about when great players slump. He comes up with this magnificent rotation (did you know those four hall of famers all pitched together in the same rotation?) And he continues to berate Freeman, which we've established, has been decent in the post season historically.

Someone else jumps in. I have to include this because it's not often someone is so stuck on their position that they have to call a bunch of hall of famers chokers. Based on batting average alone of all things. Then Chipper gets involved for the coupe de grace.

It's not every day you see a franchise legend, hall of famer, and one of the best 3B and switch hitters of all time get worked up enough to call a "fan" a keyboard clown. Thank you Chipper Jones, you gave me tears of laughter. And Thank you Justin, for using your 15 minutes of fame in such a hilarious way.


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