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Baseball Movie Month

Given that we have six weeks until spring training should start, and that's provided there aren't COVID related delays, we are going to be conducting a special month of articles to get us through these tough times: BASEBALL MOVIE MONTH.

Baseball is a topic that's tough to portray on the silver screen. Some movies opt for a historical approach (42, Moneyball, League of Their Own). Others use is at a vehicle for comedy (Major League, Bad News Bears). Some are kiddy themed with a non-realistic twist (Rookie Of The Year, Little Big League, Angels In The Outfield). Often times, Hollywood will use the game as a backdrop for romance (Bull Durham, Fever Pitch, For The Love Of The Game). Some of the best baseball movies are pure golden age and full of retrospect (The Natural, The Sandlot). Overall, its often thought that there aren't many great baseball movies. So this month, we are going to take some time, dig up some old favorites and maybe find your next rental.

For this month we will be:

  • Reviewing baseball movies: old and new, well known or under the radar

  • Digging deep to find new baseball content to watch

  • Conducting polls and brackets as we try to assemble a list of the top 10 baseball movies of all time

Be sure to join in on our facebook and twitter pages. Have a favorite baseball movie or a suggestion we should look at? Let us know:


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