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A Pictorial Tribute to Tim Buss

Reports are coming in that Cubs Strength and Conditioning Coach Tim Buss will be leaving for Anaheim along with current Third Base Coach Brian Butterfield to join Joe Maddon on the Angels staff. Most fans don't even know who their teams' conditioning coaches are, but Bussy always brought some special sauce to the proceedings that made him stand out in a very unique way (although... I'm not exactly sure if he was a good coach, to be honest?). This was a man who was so (I'm gonna use the f-word!) fun that Joe Maddon even nominated him to be Madonna's personal trainer!

Let's take a look back on some photographic highlights of the Buss Era, and pay tribute to the man who kept things light while stretching the boys out.

Courtesy of MLB

Courtesy of ESPN/Jesse Rogers

Courtesy of MLB

Courtesy MLB/Jordan Bastian

Courtesy of Chicago Tribune/Brian Cassella

A little note to finish--that last pic was from the ill-fated Anchorman dress up trip in 2017, when the Cubs would go 0 for 7 on the road to the Dodgers and Padres (I was at one of those games and it was brutal). During an exchange with someone else I had a fun little back and forth with #HotDaddy, so thanks to Bussy for that, too:

Good luck and godSpeedo in Anaheim, Tim! We hope you, Joe and Butter have a great time with the Fish, 3 AM, Ohtani and the rest, and wish you all the best!


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