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2019 MLB Awards Recap

The 2019 MLB awards season is now complete, with winners announced.

The Winners


Mike Trout (LAA) 355, Bregman 335, Semien 228


Cody Bellinger (LAD) 362, Yellich 317 Rendon 242

AL CY Young:

Justin Verlander (HOU) 171, Cole 159, Morton 75

NL CY Young:

Jacob deGrom (NYM) 207, Ryu 88 Scherzer 72

AL Rookie of the Year:

Yordan Alvarez (HOU) 150, Means 53, Lowe 27

NL Rookie of the Year:

Pete Alonso (NYM) 148, Soroka 82, Tatis Jr. 26

AL Manager of the Year: Rocco Baldelli (MIN) 106, Boone 96, Cash 33

NL Manager of the Year: Mike Shildt (STL) 95, Counsell 88, Snitker 45

Let's take a look back at our predictions.

Predictions Revisited

Pronk: 5/8

X AL MVP: Alex Bregman in a coin flip. (well i was close on the coin flip part.)

►NL MVP: Cody Bellinger.

X AL Cy Young: Gerrit Cole in a photo finish.

►NL Cy Young: Jacob deGrom.

►AL ROY: Yordan Alvarez.

►NL ROY: Pete Alonso.

►AL Manager: Rocco Baldelli.

X NL Manager: Brian Snitker by a nose.

Tina: 5/8

►AL MVP: The Fish. He never seems to get the respect he should.

X NL MVP: Rendon. He came up big when his team needed him.

X AL Cy Young: Cole. What a dominant year he had.

► NL Cy Young: Hottie deGrom.

► AL ROY: Alvarez. Easy.

►NL ROY: Alonso.

► AL Manager: Baldelli.

X NL Manager: Snitker.

Staci: 4/8

X AL MVP: Alex Bregman.

► NL MVP: Cody Bellinger.

X AL Cy Young: Gerrit Cole. The unemployed former Astro should take this one easily.

X NL Cy Young: Hyun-Jin Ryu.

► AL ROY: Yordan Alvarez, easily.

► NL ROY: Pete "Polar Bear" "Dad Bod" Alonso.

X AL Manager: Kevin Cash.

► NL Manager: I'm also writing in Davey! (But Schildt will probably win.)

Steve: 4/8

X AL MVP: It should always be Trout but somehow (again) it won't be. Bregman gets it this year.

► NL MVP: I think Bellinger wins. Him and Yelich both had great seasons but I think how the Brewers played after Yelich's injury hurts him in the votes.

X AL Cy Young: This is Cole's to lose. He dominated this season.

►NL Cy Young: I think deGrom wins. Leads in WAR, had a great ERA to almost match Ryu, and struck guys out.

► AL ROY: Alvarez and it won't be close.

►NL ROY: Alonso

X AL Manager: I think Boone wins this.

X NL Manager: The Braves improved by seven games so I think Snitker wins.

Looking back on the predictions:

AL MVP: we were all close. The factor being Mike Trout's injury potentially holding him back. That really could have gone either way.

-NL MVP we were 3/4, except for Tina. Sorry Tina.

-AL Cy Young, we all bet on Gerrit Cole, and somehow nobody picked Verlander. It's not shocking to see Verlander win, and the race was close

-AL ROY: Easy pick, and we were 4/4

-NL ROY: Also an easy pick, and also 4/4

-AL MOY: 2/4. With Staci and Steven being off. Apparently it's usually the most improved team.

-NL MOY: Staci got it. 1/4 as a team.

-Final rating: Don't use us to predict lottery numbers. Yet....

Individual reactions:


I'm really surprised Schildt won at first, but looking back at historical context, it's usually manager of the most improved team. Snitker being as far back as he wound up was a surprise. I'm also surprised AL manager was that close. In light of the Astros cheating scandal, I'm glad Bregman didn't win.


I'm so happy to be wrong about the Bregman prediction especially after the Astros' sign stealing fiasco. As far as AL CY goes, I think Cole was robbed. It was close but he had the better season so he should've won. At least Kate Upton is happy this year. The manager awards I'm not too surprised about. I still hate the top 3 selections for NL Manager.


I'm with everyone else on Bregman not winning MVP, but happy the Fish got what he always deserves. As for Rendon, well, I thought we were going to be in for a surprise. I totally get why Schildt got MOY but will forever be perplexed as to why Davey didn't get the votes.


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