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100 Farticles!

In celebration of our 100th article, the Cubs DNA team shares some of their favorite moments from their first few months of Cubs blogging.

Favorite article that you wrote?

Brooke: I liked the one I wrote from my dog's POV.

Matt: Definitely my Kerry Wood farticle. It allowed me to go back to one of my favorite Cubs memories of all time.

Pronk: My initial trade Willson article or my research paper on Craig Kimbrel's performance. Trading Willson was very early on in the offseason before a lot more chatter came upon that situation. So I'd like to think of myself as out predicting the experts... but it's still all speculation at this point. I also enjoyed looking at all of the MLB team's biggest contracts.

Staci: Definitely my ode to Joseph Daniel Votto. Know Joey. Love Joey. Joey deserves it.

Steven: I loved reliving the time I caught a home run at Wrigley. I just wish I had a better quality replay of it.

Favorite article that someone else wrote?

Brooke: I liked them all except the ones about trading Willson!!!!!! The Forbidden Loves are always fun. (If the Cubs trade Willson I'll have to write one on him!!!)

Matt: Tuba's farticle about Hunter Pence was pretty cool. Loved that he responded back to us!

Pronk: I enjoyed how some of us tag-teamed Addison Russell's Legacy. I loved Steven's story of how he caught a home run, and some of Tina's traveling stories. More-so for the great pictures she gets. Staci brings good and calm perspective to different issues, like in "I want to be like Yu."

Staci: I don't think Tina's account of how she STOLE KRIS BRYANT'S UNDIES AND MAILED THEM AROUND THE COUNTRY gets enough love, to be honest.

Steven: They are all great but Tina's Forbidden Love of Hunter Pence was great on its own and then somehow was even better when Hunter responded!

Tina: The Forbidden Loves and Nekkids are always a fun read, but the farticles with personal experiences are always faves... Pronk's story of Rizzo's foundation and Russell's Complicated History are two that come to mind.

Cool story of fan or MLB player related interaction?

Brooke: I'm still waiting for Tommy La Stella to call me!

Matt: Right after he retired (and before he became Special Assistant to the GM), John Baker used to do Periscopes talking baseball. He interacted with the fans a lot and had a great story about how he was catching in the minors and Larry Walker was on a rehab assignment. Also, when #AtCubs followed me on the twitterz:)

Pronk: Fergie Jenkins liked my Hall of Fame vote article on Instagram.

Staci: My teenage self once hurdled several rows of seats at Candlestick Park to get Mark Grace's autograph. When he saw me, he skipped past a whole bunch of little boys and their dads and came right to me. I still have the baseball stashed under my pil... er, sitting on a shelf in a protective case.

Steven: Not my personal interaction but Cubs DNA and my mom get along great! (We love your mom!! --Tina)

Tina: HUNTER PENCE KNOWS I THINK HE'S HOT. <<<-----That was Pronk, but tis true. Not only did Hunter READ my farticle, he liked it and sent a video! (swoon!)


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